Fiddlewax Pro Update - 1.1

We’re excited to announce that the first update to Fiddlewax Pro has just been released.

This update adds new low-level features requested by users and fixes a few minor MIDI bugs that were reported out in the wild — the joys of gaining real user insight!

It also transitions Fiddlewax Pro over to being ready for primetime. With the minor kinks ironed out, musicians of all kinds can now have a blast.

What’s News in Fiddlewax Pro 1.1

  • Chord octave control via zoomed keyboard position.
  • MIDI channel indication when MIDI output is enabled.
  • Improved instrument sample timing.
  • Keyboard note hinting preferences (show all note names for learning).
  • Updated colors and visual feedback (softer on the eye).
  • Extreme BPM range (via +/- for experts from 1-300).
  • Sharing of both audio.m4a and MIDI.mid files to iOS file apps.
  • Numerous bug fixes.

Thanks to everyone who has shared feedback so far (especially over in the AudioBus forums). Keep the comments coming!

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Everyone likes more samples, so here’s another album recorded with Fiddlewax Pro

The entire set of tracks was recorded in less than 2 hours and is titled “Stuck in a Meeting.”

To produce the final audio, the clean output channel (left) is used and then equalized, normalized, and lightly compressed (all with the open source editor Audacity).

All tracks released under Create Commons, so feel free to use, remix, share as you like!

Fiddlewax Pro Walkthrough

Here’s a brief step-by-step walkthrough video of Fiddlewax Pro.

Learn the basics of how the instrument is organized, creating beats, looping beats and notes together, playing chords, using the autoharp / chorded zither, recording your session, changing tempo, adding effects, and sharing the songs you create.

If you run into specific hurdles not addressed by the video, make sure to check out the Fiddlewax Pro Guide Book or leave a comment below.

Introducing Fiddlewax Pro

Fiddlewax Pro is finally ready for prime time! This instrument has been a long time in the making, so brace yourself for a new world of musical possibilities.

Fiddlewax Pro is the fastest way to turn a musical idea in your head into a song you can actually hear and share.

By including a complete set of sonic building blocks to stitch together rhythms and notes, you can quickly build up complex grooves, riffs, melodies, and harmonies in any musical style, all on-the-fly.

We also decided to take a fresh look at how notes are played and built the instrument’s touch interface from the ground up. Everything is blazingly responsive and sensitive to placement to give all of your notes expression. You can even play all parts of the instrument at the same time using different fingers (such as a drums, notes, chords, loops, and even adjusting parameters) without skipping a beat.

Fiddlewax Pro combines a powerful combination of familiarity and novel functionality. For example, the tonal interface feels similar to a piano but contextually adjusts based on the key your playing, the complementary scale you’ve selected, and notes found in the last chord you played. These little differences add up to a playing experience that will have you creating music as fast you can think of it.

Here’s a brief rundown of what’s inside:

  • Advanced note layout combines piano, complementary scales, and a chorded zither into a single interface.
  • 12 tonal instruments, including piano, organ, guitar, strings, marimba, sawtooth, and more
  • 4 super fast drumkits (2 acoustic and 2 electronic layouts)
  • 5 auto-expanding, synchronized loopers offer layering, contextual sizing, replay, and simple undo/redo
  • Contextual theory helps you learn and informs what you play at every level
  • 90 minute session recorder so you never lose a moment of inspiration
  • Simple sharing of audio via SoundCloud and other installed iOS apps (like Google Drive and DropBox)
  • Session audio and MIDI can be easily imported into existing workflows and desktop programs
  • Connect with other apps in realtime via MIDI, AudioBus, and Inter-App Audio

Fiddlewax Pro is now available in the iOS App Store for the iPad.

Straight from the iPad to your ears.

With direct SoundClound integration, sometimes it’s hard to stop uploading tracks…

So here’s an entire album to give you an idea of what Fiddlewax Pro can do. Note that most of the tracks are split stereo (with the clean audio output on the left, and the mic input / ambient on the right), making them easy to import into other projects.

And in the spirit of sharing, all tracks are released as Creative Commons so feel free to use them as you like.

Interaction Speed Test

Timing is everything when you’re making music. So we’ve taken special care to minimize the latency between touch and sound by using low-level audio units, implementing a custom multitouch handler, and carefully managing system resources.

This video shows the incredibly fast response rate of Fiddlewax Pro with both single and multi-touch interactions. You can see the instrument’s reaction visually for each touch as the pad lights up, as well as hear the reaction when each drum kit sample plays.

Fiddlewax Pro: MIDI over WiFi / Bluetooth

Fiddlewax Pro includes support for realtime MIDI output. Now you can use any of the instrument’s interfaces to control your favorite sound libraries on your desktop or laptop.

Using MIDI with other apps also means you can easily create sheet music and piano rolls of songs you’re playing. Here’s an example of what GarageBand produces while recording:




Here’s how to make it happen.

Setting up MIDI over WiFi with Fiddlewax Pro is easy, but it does require a few steps to get everything talking and playing together.

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