Fiddlewax is now online!

After a couple of weeks setting things up behind the scenes, Fiddlewax is now online for all to try out. That means you, beta testers.

Right now, Fiddlewax is pretty light-weight in terms of features since we’re focused on tuning the core interface before adding extra bells and whistles. But even so, it’s coming along and already surprisingly fun to jam on.

Fiddlewax’s initial configuration includes a 40-note blues piano, 3 sync’d drum loops, and a couple of extra samples to add texture. To the left and right of the main keys are meta keys for holding, bending, and silencing notes. You can also toggle the display complexity via the » button at the top left of the keyboard.

Give Fiddlewax a try on your computer, tablet, or smartphone and let us know what you think. There are bound to be a few bugs, so tell us what breaks and we’ll get on it as quickly as possible.

Happy playing!

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